Hello, World!

My Name is Sam Allemang

I do web design in Toronto and am helping Andray Domise build the Techsdale project and volunteer for CoderDojoTO.

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This will be pieces on web design and development, graphic design or art, translations and short pieces of fiction. For now, there's some old and largely goofy stuff on my old WordPress site. You can also check in with me on Twitter.

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I make websites, draw pictures, make music, take photos... Whereas I might blog about a project or piece, this section will be just a snapshot of work. Naturally, I'm on LinkedIn as well and am available for work through Cactus Design.

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What makes me tick? An escapement is the mechanism responsible for making the ticking sound in both clocks and watches. In a clock with weights, such as a grandfather clock, the escapement is the pendulum; in a watch, the balance wheel serves as the escapement.

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