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Valley Dicks

All the conspiracy theories you’ve ever heard about Silicon Valley being run by sickos, freaks, sociopathic brats and mad geniuses are 100% true, and the only people standing in their way are a pair of private investigators known as The Valley Dicks.

Comps: Angie Tribeca meets Silicon Valley.

2024 TV Pilot Lab winner
  • Winner, WeScreenplay TV Pilot Lab (2024)
  • Finalist, ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship (2024)
  • Top 50, Launch Pad Pilot Competition (2024)
  • Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Comedy Competition (2024)
  • Quarterfinalist, Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition (2024)
  • Quarterfinalist, Raindance Script Competition (2024)
  • Top 1%, Coverfly.

*Awaiting final results.

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